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That was a reasonably enjoyable and interesting May Week, in many ways. Of course, now I'm getting back to livejournal the sociable fun is over, everyone is leaving Cambridge, and I'm spending an evening moping at home. But that's just the traditional "only updating livejournal when you're down" syndrome, and it'll pass in a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, I have at last ended up with something to worry about, in that I've volunteered to do a set of "idealistic metal" at WUS in a fortnight. This could be interesting, given my very limited selection of metal CDs and the Kambar decks' inability to reliably play anything home-burned. Looks like play.com and fopp will be getting some money off me soon, at least.

On that topic, does anybody know much about Christian metal? last.fm keeps on feeding me stuff that is neither christian nor metal, this chart seems to mostly contain defunct and/or cringeworthily bad groups, and presumably it isn't an area that appeals much to many of you.

Still, it's been fun delving into that corner of self-hating Americana, and no doubt I'll turn out a couple of listenable tracks eventually.

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